Bring your core Safeguarding and Safety knowledge up to date

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Bring your core Safeguarding and Safety knowledge up to date

Safeguarding Essentials - £10

All the basics required for understanding and practicing safeguarding in schools.
This module contains 6 courses:

  1. Safeguarding - An Introduction for Teachers and Staff
  2. E-safety - Annual Training for Teachers & Staff
  3. Keeping Children Safe in Education
  4. Anti-radicalisation & 'Prevent' - Awareness Training
  5. UK GDPR & Data Protection
  6. Cover Supervisor for Schools

Safeguarding Extended - £10

An additional range of important safeguarding topics for teachers.
This module contains 11 courses:

  1. Alcohol Awareness
  2. Bullying Awareness
  3. Child Sexual Exploitation
  4. Drugs Awareness and County Lines
  5. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  6. Exam Invigilation Training
  7. FGM Awareness
  8. Introduction to Abuse for Teachers
  9. Sexting - An Introduction
  10. Social Media
  11. Student Mental Well-being

Safety Plus - £5

Additional safety topics for school teachers.
This module contains 5 courses:

  1. First Aid - Basic Life Support
  2. First Aid - Common Illnesses and Injuries
  3. Food Hygiene Training
  4. Health & Safety - School Essentials
  5. Health & Safety - School Hazards Awareness

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