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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working in Special Education-

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working in Special Education in 2021

Working in the special educational needs and disabilities sector (SEND) comes with a challenge, reward, excitement, hard work and dedication. But knowing that each day your contribution will be positively affecting the life of a child or young person who needs additional support, makes it an attractive career choice. Here, the top 8 reasons why more people should consider working in Special Education are highlighted:

You get to work with extraordinary people in SEN

It is so interesting to see the world through the eyes of another and understanding where they are coming from. Appreciating the differing perspectives of neurodiverse individuals, embracing massive accomplishments such as tying shoelaces, or making a drink, and knowing that every day students enjoy learning and try their best. This is what makes SEND students extraordinary.

Learning from the students with special needs

Whilst I go about my day in a haphazard way, stumbling through and flapping at anything and everything, I often wonder how I can be a more effective version of myself. Most of my learners are organized, structured, regimented and as a result, are hugely productive. This is because they like a process, need to stick to it and respond most effectively to consistency. Even though I do need to be adaptable and able to change plan quickly if necessary, there is a lot to be said for taking an orderly approach like my students and adapting their strategies to my working practices (and everyday life!)

Working in Special Education Needs is rewarding!

Teaching and being part of the SEND environment is just so rewarding – to be a bit narcissistic about this, there is no better feeling than seeing my students achieve because I have found a way to teach in a way that makes sense to them. And, knowing that the skills that I have helped them to learn will support their journey to future independence, it's just the best part of my job!

Makes me understand others better

When working with learners of all ranges and abilities, it helps me to become more patient, resilient, compassionate, and understanding. One size (or strategy) does not fit all. I adapt my teaching style to engage every individual so that I can connect with their way of thinking and ensure they benefit to the best of their ability.

Love my job in SEN

Forgive the cliché here but I really love my job - it is a pleasure to share my knowledge and see others achieve because of my contribution. Yes, there are times when it's busy, hectic and challenging, but that's life and it would be very boring without the craziness!

If at first you don't succeed…..

The likelihood is that you may need to try again and again before a strategy works, but using my expertise, connecting with the learner, picking up cues and recognizing triggers means that I can adjust my practice until I get it right. Tenacity, dedication, and perseverance is a key requirement for working in SEND. And, don't forget, what works today might not work tomorrow, but that's the way we like to roll!

I like to help and enjoy being needed

Without sounding too self-involved, I get so much enjoyment and pleasure from helping people and from being needed. Seeing students grow and achieving their dreams, setting their foundations for life is what this job is about. I like to be part of these milestones moments and if my contribution as a mentor, supporter or educator helps my learners get there, that is my personal goal well and truly reached.

Every day is different in SEN

There are genuinely no two days that are the same when working in Special Education, and whenever I plan to have a day that will run smoothly, it never does! It is about being flexible and adapting to situations as they arise. And that is why it's so much fun, you just never know what you'll be doing next!

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