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Welcome to Senploy

We're making the future of the SEND employment industry happen - why not join us.

Whether you are a job seeker looking for your next Special Educational Needs and Disabilities challenge or an employer looking for exceptional SEND talent, you'll find it here at Senploy.

We're working hard to transform SEND businesses and careers by bringing together talent. Since the beginning, we have been specialists, focusing on a niche sector and it will always remain this way.

Senploy - Amy Allen

So, what's the Senploy story?

Senploy's story began back in 2018 in Cheshire, when founder Amy Allen, who has a career blended with both SEND and recruitment experience, realised the charity she was devoting her time to, was spending hours of its own and vital funding searching for the right talent.

One day, Amy thought, "Surely, there's an easier way to find the right people? We need a niche service for niche jobs!" So, that's just what Amy did.

With a little magic, Senploy was born.

Amy is very proud to have launched a career-focused service dedicated to the sector that’s close to her heart.

What motivates us?

What motivates us is to simplify access to a career in SEND by offering an easy to use online service where companies can find new employees or job seekers can find a new challenge.

Having worked in the industry for many years the team behind Senploy understand that there is a certain type of person that is drawn to work and change lives within the SEND industry. What motivates us is to simplify access to the SEND talent market by offering an easy to use online platform where companies can find new employees or job seekers can find a new challenge.

We can't wait to see the matches that are made - that bit will be so rewarding!

Our mission is to cut costs and save both employers and job seekers in the SEND sector precious time, energy and stress - that's at the heart of our company.

So, why not start your Senploy journey with us today and see what all the hype is about. Simply hand-pick your next perfect job role or if you are a SEND organisation, upload your current opportunities to our wide network of SEND specialists, ensuring you reach experienced send teaching assistants, officers or teachers.