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Job description

A Special Educational Needs (SEN) Teaching Assistant or SEN TA, is a professional who supports teachers in the classroom, specifically working with children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. They assist in the educational and social development of children and young people with additional needs and provide support to help them access the curriculum.

Responsibilities of an SEN Teaching Assistant typically include:

1. Supporting students: Working with individuals or small groups to assist in understanding lesson content, providing explanations, and ensuring they can participate and engage with their peers and their learning environment.

2. Adapting materials: Modifying learning materials to suit the needs of individual students, making them accessible and ensuring the students can effectively learn and participate.

3. Behaviour management: Assisting in managing the behaviour of students, providing guidance, and supporting them in understanding and following classroom rules and expectations.

4. Collaboration: Working closely with teachers and other professionals to develop and implement bespoke learning plans for students with special needs.

5. Monitoring progress: Tracking and reporting on the progress of students with additional needs, providing feedback and information to the teaching staff and parents or guardians.

6. Providing emotional support: Offering emotional support and encouragement to students who may face challenges due to their special educational needs.

Whilst you do not need any specific qualifications to start a career as a SEN Teaching Assistant, strong communication skills, patience, empathy, and a good understanding of different learning styles and teaching methods would be helpful.

Once in the role, you will have the opportunity to undertake specific training and certifications to better support children with various disabilities or learning difficulties.

It's crucial for an SEN Teaching Assistant to adapt quickly to changing situations, be flexible in their approach, and remain supportive and patient while working with students who require additional assistance.

If you feel this could be the perfect career opportunity for you, please apply now!

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