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​Advancing Your Career in SEN with Specialist Training

Advancing your career in SEN with specialist training

Let's be honest, a career in special educational needs can be challenging. Yet extremely rewarding, to see the difference that you make on a daily basis. Improving your clients confidence, enabling them to do more for themselves, helping them reach their potential, and it can come in so many different forms.

10 best practices in starting your career in SEN

Behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, sensory impairments, physical disabilities, autism, only begin to cover the spectrum of needs that we who work in the SEN sector help to enable and care for, so let's have a look at the benefits of seeking more professional training below.

1. Keep yourself up to date with trends in SEN

The first benefit of taking a new course in SEN is keeping up to date with the continuously changing best practices, legislation, new innovative ideas and techniques to bring your best to caring for your clients. If you are a manager or wish to become one, keeping abreast of best practice can be what clinches the new position for you, or can really develop you and your team.

2. Learn key skills for Special Education

If you are looking to advance in your career in SEN, learning new skills can help you advance upwards, or to the side! Many courses offer transferable skills in case there is another aspect of SEN that you would prefer to move into.

3. Understand responsibilities

We all know our responsibilities to our clients. Yet with constant improvement in the sector, ever changing legislation and new studies coming to light which can add new perspectives as to our responsibilities for our clients. Seeing this in a new way, or being reminded, can help us get in touch with why we entered the sector to begin with. It all begins with a training course!

4. Better support clients

In the same vein as understanding our responsibilities, you may gain new insights as to how to deal with more challenging clients, or come across a technique to improve the self confidence of other clients. You never know how a course may give you inspiration to adapt your techniques and the way you respond to those with SEN.

5. Transferable skills

Many of the techniques and ways that we communicate, and care for those with SE needs, can be applied to other roles within the sector, and in other sectors entirely! Communication, patience, understanding, time management to name a few directly benefit nearly every career.

6. Become more professional

Courses can really develop your sense of confidence, which in turn allows you to exuberate more professionalism. Being able to speak confidently, or adopting new techniques you have learnt can only add to you as a person, and the professional image you convey.

7. Expand knowledge

It is easy to dismiss some courses as you may think that you have already covered all of the aspects. In an ever changing world, let alone the SEN sector, progress is always moving forward. Refreshing your skills could help you to expand your knowledge, or inspire you to learn more or take another path.

8. Advance your career

If you know you have more to offer, and want to take the next step up in your social care or SEN career, taking professional courses can help you convey the level of confidence and expertise needed to progress. This does not just apply to SEN courses, but perhaps to leadership qualifications or taking a managers course in overseeing best practice and administration in your area of SEN. This can also give you the edge needed to stand out amongst many other candidates in the social care sector, making you more professional in the process.

9. Personal development

As a person, you may find that by taking a course you learn more about yourself along the way. Perhaps, you might discover something about why you respond in certain ways, have new inspiration of how you can strive for excellence, or other courses you may want to take out of personal interest!

10. Networking in the Special Educational Needs sector

Thinking of applying to become a manager? Perhaps you are one? Demonstrating that you have ideas to improve your team's overall approach to providing the best possible care, and knowing those who can provide that can be instrumental to positioning yourself as the best possible choice. By connecting with training course providers such as ourselves, you can keep up to date with the newest courses and make recommendations for yourself, your team members and even your clients.

In conclusion Have fun!

Taking more training courses can ultimately help us get back in touch with why we entered the SEN and social care sector to begin with. To bring a sense of purpose, happiness and fun to those we care for, our colleagues and having fun ourselves along the way!

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