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Where can I get Career advice in the UK

Where can I get Career advice in the UK

Career advice can be hard to find, at least in a reliable, easy to access form. There is so much content online that it can sometimes be overwhelming and oftentimes questionable. If you are looking for a clearer picture of where to get great career advice in the UK, let us reassure you you've come to the right place. The internet, as oversaturated with content as it is, is still full of websites and services offering good career tips, ranging from help with CVs to databases containing information on employment rates based on degree and more. One just needs to know where to look, and there are wellsprings of wisdom to be found aplenty.

Some readily available Career seeking options

One of the first results as one makes their search query has got to be the National Careers Service UK, provided by the government. Including general career tips, some basic online skill assessment tests and a very handy ‘Explore Careers' and ‘Course Search' options, it offers a plethora of handy tools that can help direct you to the proper provider of whatever service it is you might be looking for.

Simply utilising the site for looking up available courses is already a handy method of propelling yourself forward. They even include references towards SEN-related courses.

Looking for special education career advice however, Senploy itself offers many handy tools, tips, articles and more. As a service specialising in connecting prospective applicants with all manner of SEN-related work, experience and more, Senploy can be considered a go-to website for anyone interested in the field. Since you are already here, you might want to check out some of the following articles on Senploy:

UCAS is a charity organisation providing a wealth of information for anyone seeking help on their next step in their education. It is incredibly helpful especially if one is looking for courses on teacher training, as many of them require you to apply specifically through the UCAS website service.

Many websites also include services to check over your CV or more. Contacting career advisors can also prove helpful in the long run, as they have the necessary experience to guide applicants on an individual level. If you are a university student, check whether your university provides any sort of careers hub.

The above simply include the most readily available and widely useful online resources for career advice UK. However, all of them have a specialisation, aside from the National Careers Service, so it is imperative that you consider your strengths and what you're looking for before deciding on which service will be able to provide the best career advice that you need.

Are the National Careers Service UK any good?

While the National Careers Service may appear great at first glance, further investigation reveals a few hiccups along its developmental path. In 2017, it has been reported that the NCS had no beneficial impact on the country's employment rates. A problematic proposition, but one that has thankfully pushed the NCS into a better direction since, focusing more on the individual and their paths forward.

One must also consider that a service is only as good as the individuals allows it to be. If one isn't invested in getting help from a service, it will be difficult for said service to be beneficial. As mentioned earlier, the NCS is most definitely a valid and viable resource in looking up your future options, offering links to hundreds of thousands of courses available throughout the UK. You simply need to look and you will likely find something of interest to you, and remember to do your research prior to making any decisions. For more information and some general career advice, refer to (insert our How to make the right careers choice blog post link here).

How can I start my career in Special Education?

A handy question many are looking for answers to is definitely ‘what can I do with my degree'? Thankfully, a lot of websites offer or try to offer advice on the matter and, specifically, Senploy offers guidance on how to start your Special Education career.

The most important element one needs to start their career in Special Education is experience working with children and special needs children. This can be gained through university education, but also through volunteering, thus entry level positions that can open up wider career paths in the field are always readily available to motivated and passionate individuals. It might look daunting at first, and unpaid work may dissuade some, but for SEN employers, the most important quality an individual can have is openness and willingness to gain experience.

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