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Graduate jobs are on the rise in the UK 2021

Graduate jobs are on the rise in the UK 2021

Graduate jobs are on the rise in the UK – rising by an astounding 191% in July 2021 compared to the previous year

In 2021 starting salaries for graduates also rose 10% annually, up to £24,402 from £22,201.

The rise in graduate jobs is being attributed to a number of trends including increased student participation in higher education, increased demand for higher-skilled workers, and at the same time a reduction in the number of postgraduate roles after government cuts.

As increasing numbers of students continue their studies into further education, graduates will experience some stiff competition when they start searching for employment opportunities upon graduating from university or college. However, despite this outlook, there are still some areas where graduates can easily start their career.

Special education is one such area where graduates can easily start their career upon graduating

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the number of staff required to fulfil many special education roles, and this trend is predicted to continue into 2021. A specialised report estimates that 10% more special educational teachers will be required this year alone.

With around 80,000 individuals within the UK classed as having some form of special educational need, both students and employees alike are aware of the benefits that come with working or volunteering in this sector. Such benefits include:

  • You may be able to earn while you learn through placements/work shadowing while studying at university. This is especially useful if you already have experience within the field of special education, even if your degree isn't related.
  • For students looking to gain a lot of experience before gaining employment, special education is an excellent opportunity. You will be able to get first-hand experience in teaching those with special educational needs and build your own network within the industry. Seeing as how the sector requires more emphasis on proper evidence based studies that aim to improve the lives of those with special educational needs, gaining experience can also be helpful if you are interested in pursuing a career in research
  • Use work shadowing opportunities or placements as an opportunity to learn about both yourself and the industry. It's important to understand previous experiences, so I would advise giving yourself time to reflect on your own skills, ideas and interests in relation to working or volunteering in this field.

Why should I consider a graduate role?

Most graduate jobs, such as those advertised on Senploy, offer the opportunity to gain work experience that may help students develop the skills and techniques required within their chosen field. This work experience can even offer an insight into future career paths. It's essential that we do this during our studies so as to be prepared ahead of time for when we find ourselves looking for employment once graduating.

Furthermore, many graduate roles also provide you with an opportunity to meet professional contacts who can aid your progress within your chosen career.

Equally, with graduate programmes often lasting around 3 years, the opportunity to gain job security is another huge benefit of graduate roles. Graduate programmes also provide extensive training and mentoring with professionals who can help you build your skills over the course of your career which begins immediately after graduation!

With so many benefits associated with taking up a graduate role, we're seeing an increase in businesses looking for candidates who have finished their studies and will now benefit from being fresh out of university.

Don't miss out on a great opportunity to start your career in special education needs. Apply today!

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