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Best SEN Career CV Tips + Template [Updated 2022]

Career CV template

A high-quality CV is essential for any candidate looking to land an interview in today's job market. A well-written and eye-catching CV will ensure that you stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Before we dive into the best practices of CV crafting, be sure to download our free CV templates:

Personal Statement

A personal statement at the beginning of a CV is important because it allows you to sell yourself. It shows that you have considered your skills and qualities, how they fit with the job role, and why the potential employer should be interested in hiring you - all at a quick glance! There are many resources available online which can provide support with writing your personal statement.

Education & Qualifications

When writing your CV, it is crucial to provide content about your education and qualifications. Many employers will have a minimum education and qualification level required for the role, so making this evident early on will determine if you have achieved the relevant minimum requirements.

Potential employers may discard the CV if this information is not present.

Work Experience

Include work experience which is relevant to the role that you are applying for. Hiring Managers will need to assess your current skill level and suitability for the role. It's important to detail any paid and unpaid work experience, volunteering or personal circumstances of relevance, as this can be considered particularly important when applying for a position.

Awards and Achievements

Include any awards or achievements you have received. This section provides evidence that you can perform well in your role and deliver over and above your basic job responsibilities. Be specific and quantify where possible. For example, ‘Introduced Outdoor Learning sessions to the curriculum which increased student participation by 35%' or ‘Implemented a Learner Voice initiative which positively reduced school meal wastage by 28%.'

Skills & Interests

Include your skills and interests even if they are not directly related to this role. Many skills are transferrable and evidencing this to the reader enables them to resonate with your background. This section helps give an insight into your personality - what do you enjoy doing? What sort of activities gives you the chance to use specific skills that relate to work?

Languages and Computer Skills

Include any languages that you speak or computer skills that you possess. The more qualifications, training, and experience an employer can see from your CV, the better.

Final Thoughts

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