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Creative Job Applications

Creative Job Applications

They say that first impressions are everything, and when it comes to getting a job, the first thing that your future employer will see is your CV or application. Some job seekers have aced the application process with their creative concepts, fast-tracking them straight through to an interview. If you're considering a new, innovative way of sending your CV, why not have a read of some of the most unusual job applications that have surfaced on the internet over the past few years for inspiration.

Milk Carton

Miguel Rato wanted to prove his skills right off the bat before his prospective employer had the chance to ditch his CV on the “maybe” pile. He cleverly designed and created a personalised milk carton with his name and photo, previous experience and all other skills and attributes on the sides under the “nutrients” and “ingredients” titles. Not only did this provide the employer with his relevant skills, but it demonstrated them first-hand. Needless to say, he got their attention and he was hired!


A copywriter, Jon Ryder collaborated with a designer to create a box of painkillers named after him. The idea was that, as a freelancer, he could reduce the headache of having too much work to handle. The humorous information booklet inside listed all the benefits and side effects that one would experience if he was hired, as well as other information that would otherwise normally go on a CV.

Chocolate Box

One young graphic designer, Rob Jervis made a box of handmade truffles for his potential employers, with his CV printed on the inside of the lid. These sweet treats were enough to brighten anyone's mood before an interview, and the creative display of the CV made a change from the usual A4 sheets of white paper. So, it immediately stood out from the crowd. This idea secured Rob with a two-week placement, which eventually resulted in a permanent contract.

The Billboard

Many major advertising and marketing companies rent billboards and signs as a common practice. And one jobseeker cottoned on to this as a great way of seeking employment. Adam Pacitti set up a webpage with his CV on, directing people to it with a billboard with the simple message: “I spent my last £500 on this billboard, please give me a job.”
This is another clever and creative idea that secured Adam over 60 interviews!

Although these are extreme cases of job applications, there's a lesson to be learned from thinking outside the box when it comes to your CV. Try to think of things that make you different - whether it's an interesting hobby or an experience that has changed the way you operate - and get it written down! Even though it may seem trivial or irrelevant to you, demonstrating your individuality and ability to embrace your own creativity may be just be the thing that catches your potential employer's eye and secures you an interview for that dream job.

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