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10 top tips from the kids as to how Teachers and Teaching Assistants can make school fun at Christmas.

How to be a cool teacher during Christmas

Here at Senploy, we had fun finding out what the kids want to do at school as they approach the end of term. For all you Teachers and Teaching Assistants out there, here is how you can be ‘Cool at Christmas' (according to the kids!)

1 – Christmas activities, the messier the better and make biscuits in the shape of Christmas trees

2 – Have a Christmas party where we can sing songs and eat sausage rolls and crisps

3 – Teachers and Teaching Assistants dress up in Christmas clothes and play Pie Face

4 – Santa and his elves to visit school and join us for a party; they will need to socially distance though

5 – Christmas story time and watch movies (with popcorn if Mrs. Hodgkinson will let us, please)

6 – Do a nativity play, but it needs to be virtual this year because of Covid

7 – Decorate the school tree with loads of tinsel and millions of lights

8 – Visit care homes and see old people; sing songs to them and make them happy (we'll need to take hand sanitiser)

9 – Roast turkey dinner (without sprouts)

10 – If we must do work, make it Christmas related, like Christmas math's problems, Christmas comprehensions, Christmas art and Christmas RE, anything Christmassy really

So, there you have it, the ultimate guide as to how you can ensure your students will remember Christmas 2020 with you as their Teacher or Teaching Assistant!

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